The Politics of Coaching in SA Football

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

The South African Premier Soccer League has grown in stature the last decade and there’s been an emerge of players, administrators from the football fraternity, BUT a glaring note that seems to plague and demise of our football are the lack of progressive coaches, namely the likes of Zipho Dlangalala who are stifled in the development ranks, a progressive coach is prepared to adopt, adapt in new and proven methods and the grand masters of this philosophy are Ted Dumitru, Simon Ngomane and Frans Mogashoa,  these think tanks have been left to tinker on their own while they still got a lot to offer on Football ,so where are the next apprentices coming from?

While the PSL is littered with one time wonders that have no PROPER QUALIFICATION (SAFA Level 3) and yet our football administrators or ‘abopreser’ as we would call them in the township, seem to have faith in them, with the commercialisation of sport that has besiege our game with mega bucks, instantaneous success seems paramount to club owners and not longevity hence the cause of these progressive coaches not surfacing through the ranks, our administrators must learn from the likes of Daniel Levy owner of Tottenham Hotspurs who gave the second lease of life in English football to Andre Villas Boas (age 34) viewed as master tactician, and Mike Ashley owner of Newcastle United (English Premier League) who just offered Alan Pardew a ten-year contract, this will be inconceivable in the PSL,  well except for Mjomane for obvious reasons.

The merry go round the past two years on coaches in the PSL suggests that there’s lack of faith in emerging coaches or rather lack any. While SAFA has ± 6872 accredited coaches in their database with +150 attained the Level 2 Qualification, based on qualification does that permit one Chippa Mpengesi  or David Thidiela to usher an unknown and entrust him/her to win the ABSA Premiership? The answer is NEVER.  But a progressive coach, given time and support would yield results, maybe the breeding ground for these coaches should be the Mvela league BUT again the Mvela is also littered with PSL reject coaches.

The dwindling number of spectators will continue being a concern unless all tiers of the game are addressed properly e.g. setting up Professional Coaches Association aligned to the PSL, Then hopefully the likes of Nkululeko Malgas,Bongani Yengwa, Thabo Senong, Kwanele Kopo,Kulu Nsibanyoni,Walter Steenbok, Raymond Mdaga, Thomas Thema, Sandra Govendar will get an opportunity to showcase their talents on the big stage.


  1. Samkelo says:

    I’m very impress by this initiative & am looking forward to the next issue, honestly speaking that’s what we need as upcoming coaches, well done!

  2. Ezzy. Seabelo says:

    Not only the concern for me is qualifications! Do people/coaches really have the passion for football! The focus should be instilling passion as the main requirement! Football needs total reshape from Schools, Villages/townships- Development!

  3. Diouf says:

    Lovely piece u dd there,one thing u forgot to mention is da fact that when the home grown coaches get a chance is usually a caretaker role whch they prove themselves on but still move over when the “suitable” coach is found.

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