Abasasazi bebhola lasemzansi

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Uncategorized


Lately we have been inundated with ex- pro players masquerading as commentators/touchline experts/football analysts, many have crossed floors from Auckland Park to Randburg, with their fancy gizmos they sure look the part but literally lack the art and skill of the trait. These experts need crucifixion in that they mumble around football than talking football, pre/post match interviews are dreadful except for one or two including Carol Manana/Tshabalala who is certainly stamping her mark in the industry. The so-called touchline experts offer less expertise due to a blanket approach practiced by their employers as means to offer continued bread to former players while many have squandered their fortunes through ignorance. They behave similarly like supporters and offer opinion based on best and bad memories experienced.

It is without doubt that commentators/touchline experts/football analysts offer a torch to enlighten any football follower sitting on a crate in a shebeen or in one’s domain, many of these pundits should take a leaf from Duane Dell’oca our South African Martin Tyler, Baba ‘Hauuuweeng’ Mthethwa, Zama ‘ZZ’ Masondo and Michael Abrahamson, who take the trait with serious conviction by giving detailed match analysis, done through proper research, coupled with knowledge of the game. For those who also follow the game with an odd shape ball (Rugby) will  attest to the insight that Nick Mallet has brought to supersport, I’ve learnt more about rugby in the last six months than what I’ve learnt the past 20 years through him.

It is evident that our commentators/touchline experts/football analysts have not gone through serious intensive training to keep in line with their duties, we must give those with expertise the opportunity to analyse our matches so the quality of football discussion/s in shebeens, trains, buses and homes can become insightful and informative. One such (who has expertise) is coach Steve Kompela, an ex- pro who deserves to grace our screens regurlarly, if his current employers Free State Stars would allow it, the incumbent is a walking encyclopaedia and has hosted a TV show in Turkey while playing in the Turkish Super League.

Let’s harness and preserve the trait, as the late Oom Dan Setshedi said when he retired “Perhaps I am gradually turning radio and television commentaries into the same entity. “That is enabling radio listeners `see sporting events with their ears’, while helping `television viewers to `watch’ with their eyes closed.”

Oh!! Lastly we have eleven official languages, so give the poor players a break and let them engage in their preferred language/s on post match interviews.

  1. daizblu says:

    It would appear that the blog is on point. The purpose and significance of the role players is misguided and misused. In my opinion these roles are now used just as an extension of the football game in an attempt to give washed out/retired footballers an employment opportunity. The commentators as I have realized provide no energy or excitement to the game instead they are a monotonous voice over of, if you are already watching the game, boring comments that u as the viewer are able to deduce yourself! If I were to close my eyes in an attempt to listen and try visualize the game as by the commentators, it would result in an epic fail. The analyst’s are no better, in their feeble attempt to “critically examine” the game. This is lost somewhere between them reiterating what the commentators have already said and stating the obvious of what the player did or should have done. So the question begs to be asked, have they then served their purpose en earned their cheque? In all of this I guess the higher powers that be of football are too occupied in other thngs to notice or they are merely too arrogantly ignorant to be concerned and hope that no-one else will notice.

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