SAFA/FTF Rotten to the CORE

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

When the Mbombela fiasco transpired couldn’t think our beleaguered association (SAFA) would plummet to such levels, We (Bra Bhiza, Bra Tom) are  devastated, disappointed and angry to the point that we have declared to boycott all bafana bafana matches until all SAFA’s hierarchy have tendered their resignation as that would be the most honourable thing to do.

The highest office in the land in terms of football has betrayed the trust of the South African public, at a press conference this morning at SAFA house the incumbent Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana announced to the nation that according to a FIFA report, it is alleged that certain friendly matches played by Bafana Bafana pre 2010 world cup were fixed, matches in question are against Guatemala and Colombia, which Bafana won 5-0 and 2-1 respectively, further matches in question are Thailand 4-0 and played to a 1-all draw with Bulgaria.

The following people have been suspended indefinitely pending a commission of enquiry instituted by SAFA themselves, SAFA President Kirsten Nemantandani, head of referees Adeel Carelse, Safa COO and interim CEO Dennis Mumble, head of national teams Lindile ‘Ace” Kika and former head of national teams Barney Kujane.

What raises eyebrows about these suspensions is the isolation of further names that should be added in these suspensions and they should include Chief Nonkonyane , Shoes Mazibuko and Danny Jordan as they also would have known about this project as all projects at SAFA house are contrived by the Football Transformation Forum (FTF), all those suspended where merely foot soldiers following orders.

SAFA is riddled with this cancer called the FTF, SAFA is administered by this self-imposed mafia style organisation that has amended the constitution numerous times to prevent Dr Irvin Khoza from contesting for the presidency in 2013. FTF is just another political organisation embattled with power struggles for leadership, these suspensions are just political decisions of factionalism with in the FTF.

SAFA/FTF is rotten to the core!!! How do they expect to sort out the rampant corruption in the lower leagues especially the Vodacom league when the rot starts from the top?

FTF’s trail of destruction:

-Mbombela fiasco

-The Sangoma S’bonelo Madela issue

-Vodacom Sponsorship

-Junior national teams coach’s contracts

-Demoralised staff members

-Cash flow problems

It is certainly clear that SAFA/FTF lacks leadership, to avert a national disaster the Football Transformation Forum must cease to exist and the association must just be handed over to SASCOC, as all those in charge have FAILED!!!



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