Womens football decaying to further chaos

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Banyana Banyana’s qualification and the showing at London 2012 Olympics put a glimmer of hope for south african women’s football, especially those that have started playing football at high school level,  London 2012 was a catalyst converting them from choosing either hockey/netball etc to football. It offered prospect of aspiring and emulating your Portia Modise’s, Amanda Sister, Amanda Dlamini, even the purist that believed women’s football wasn’t entertaining, where left to ponder and revisit their ideologies. Fran Hilton Smith life’s work was being realised and fulfilled, a bright future beckoned for women’s football.

Fast track to 2013, it came as shock to discover that ABSA, the sponsor of the women’s second tier football (development) has pulled out its sponsorship without valid reason given (suspect SAFA’s bungling of the league), When Sanlam pulled out of women’s football in 2007, it left women’s football in the doldrums, one would have hoped that SAFA would have put proper administrative and development plans to secure ABSA and SASOL for the next ten years. Was not entirely surprised by ABSA pulling out as having been involved in the ABSA league, the league was plagued with problems raging from not having proper consultative meetings,grants not paid in time, season not planned properly, training of referees, coaches and managers,no proper record keeping, the list is endless, teams where finding it difficult to sustain themselves and certain teams vanished with in a calendar year and SAFA were made aware of all these issues.

It’s the first week of March 2013 and the signs of the SASOL league kick off are vague, SAFA’s website has no pending date to start, teams have not been properly communicated with, the teams concerns from the past three years havent been addressed properly, to add petrol to the fire Amanda Dlamini’s resignation as Banyana Banyana captain citing commitments to her studies, but those who are privy to the situation will tell you she’s fed up with the politics and player’s attitudes, now this doesn’t auger well for women’s football.

We are at a stage where women’s football strategic intent is to turn professional but the inept administration by SAFA will surely see SASOL pull out their sponsorship as well and that would be a complete disaster.

I plead with all those in charge of football to take cognisance of the situation as it is getting desperate for clubs.



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