Where’s Platinum Stars 12th Man?

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

PlatinumThe dwindling crowds in the premier soccer league has hit the all time allow, focusing on one particular game played on the weekend (21 April 2013), where PSL Title contenders Platinum Stars where hosting Chippa united at the Royal Sports Stadium where a paltry 2000 fans graced the world cup stadium with the capacity of 44 530 spectators, this problem is not only unique to Platinum stars but prevalent to many PSL teams, now if you look at the Bundesliga the average attendance per game is 40 000, and we claim to be one of the 10 best leagues in the world.

For a title chasing ambitious club like platinum stars which boosts of the finest and audibly on of the top training and lodging facilities in Africa and with the backing of the Royal Bafokeng (Platinum royalties) and let’s not forget the 25 villages of the Bafokeng nation around Phokeng where the stadium is situated, it was disappointing and shocking to see so many empty seats for such an important game.

Many will argue that most people in and around Rustenburg still support the big three Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates and Sundowns, but these clubs especially chiefs have over the years established a brand that is most recognisable not only in Africa but internationally as well, they have pushed boundaries, now many of the buccaneers followers will lynch me for glorifying chiefs but other than platinum stars, Chiefs and Ajax which club has their own state of the art training facilities.

Kaizer Chiefs has learnt to listen and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the modern fan/supporter take for instance their cross marketing of launching a rugby sevens team to lure white supporters, Chiefs was the first club in south Africa to have a match day programme for their games and that dates back to 2005 gone are the days where clubs put up posters and give out pamphlets as a marketing medium.

So why do fans stay away from PSL games generally, the answer is simple; lack of entertainment pre and post-matches, unruly missile wielding fans (hade bra Lwandile Mfiki), holy herb smokers, lawlessness in parking areas. The supporter of tomorrow is slick, young and technologically savvy so to adapt to this ever-changing trend engage them on the daily basis with activities of the club (e.g twitter, facebook, tumblr,You Tube, My space etc). Clubs must stop leasing stadiums all over the country stick to your home territory (e.g. Bloem Celtics) or invest in building one (38 000 max capacity)  as that will ensure stability in terms of local support instead of prostituting themselves to municipalities for a quick buck, create family zones, sort out excess and exit to parking areas, let’s not forget people love a winner so clubs must stop aiming for the top 8 or surviving relegation blah blah blah,

Supporters play a pivotal role for the club to succeed so clubs like Platinum stars have already established the two core pillars of success, their own stadia and training facilities now they must invest in the young brigade 6 – 8 years old, at that age they do not have any club affiliation, encompass them with the platinum brand and let them grow knowing and appreciating the brand and let the community be stakeholders to the club through schools and social engagements that impact them on a daily basis ( e.g churces, stokvels etc), this investment will show dividend in 8 to 10 years, patience and stability is key!!!

And this segment wouldn’t be proper without giving a resounding acknowledgement to Bloemfontein celtic fans dankie siyabonga for showing passion whether the team is losing or winning.




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