Wheres our HOLY GRAIL?

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

shebeen football critic

England has the FA Cup, Spain has the prestigious Copa Del Rey, the Egyptian Cup dates back to 1921, these domestic cup competitions have prestige and rich tradition that span for decades especially the FA Cup which started in 1881.These trophies epitomise the grand stature of their respective leagues, any player that participates in these competitions will tell you the significance of winning and ultimately etching their clubs name in history.

In South African, the Premier Soccer League clubs contest three domestic cup competitions, The Nedbank Cup, Telkom Cup, MTN 8 Cup, (excluding the ABSA League) and let’s not forget the so-called Black Label Cup contested only by Chiefs and Pirates. The PSL is deemed the best league in Africa and rates amongst the best in the world in terms of revenue, TV Rights, prize money etc. BUT have we lost the balance between preserving our tradition vs maximizing profits for a few individuals. A prime…

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