Mamelodi Sundowns vs Super Falcons, last game of the season, it’s a perfect setting Sundowns topped the log at 83 points, Falcons at 82 points, Sundown’s needs a draw or win the clinch the title, while Falcons needed all 3 points to advance to the playoffs and be crowned champions of Gauteng, the script couldn’t be better than “Jerry MAAKE” rising from the dead, this match was a women’s game version of “Wafa Wafa” and it’s what any football purist and keen follower of the beautiful game dreams about such games.

This match SHOULD have been the hallmark on how the SASOL League was contested in Gauteng, BUT ended up in the most extreme HOOLIGANISM, THUGGERY, accusations of dubious officiating, OH!! and ALLEGATIONS of MATCH FIXING, what was to follow was a social media rant from players (excluding Sundowns), coaches lamenting on the dubious officiating, BUT what was mostly disappointing with these rants was the highlighting of the dubious officiating more than the ASSAULT that took place on the referee which carries severe punishment if found guilty for whoever was involved, SHOCKING STUFF and this is from SOME BANYANA BANYANA PLAYERS,








Extract of an article from kickoff website

iNkinga no 1 – This is worrying, are these claims or allegations or MATCH FIXING? So one or two parties manipulated/influence the outcome of the match to gain an advantage. HOPE FALCONS have proof and are solely not relying on the “poor decisions by the referee”, LETS WAIT FOR THE SILVER BULLET.

iNkinga no 2 – Suspected???? Refer back to iNkinga no 1

iNkinga no 3 – Many poor decisions, referees make poor decisions if the decision it’s against one’s team.

iNkinga no 4 – Reportedly kicked the referee, it’s not reported, lento iSTRAIGHT and TWO BEERS, see evidence below (FINALLY WE HAVE EVIDENCE OF SOMETHING THAT TRANSPIRED THAT DAY) Dankie JESU!!!


iNkinga no 5 – Complaints that have circulated on social media where from coaches and players – since when has social media become a default platform for SAFA to launch an investigation while the league has been besiege on a weekly basis with incompetence officials, poor officiating has been an achilles for the league for YEARS and SAFA has done nothing, there only difference with this scenario was it was the last decider for the championship and the amount of coaches and players in attendance.

Here’s a dilemma, Sundowns players feel aggrieved about the SAGA, you put in the SHIFT on a daily basis to achieve excellence and the moment where one is supposed to enjoy the glory and the fruits of your hard labour then you get accused of MATCH FIXING, if its proven ‘hope im correct’ that there was no MATCH FIXING, a lot of people own SUNDOWNS as institution and players a massive apology.

This episode has huge implications for the BANYANA BANYANA’s team dynamics on the next camp, as this SAGA involves players who are in the banyana set up from both team as players and those spectators and twitter judges. GOOD LUCK DES…

SO MR SAFA what transpired is an indictment on how you administer women’s football, how you deal with this matter will decide the outcome on how your serious about launching women’s professional league, so deal severely with the perpetrators and hopefully lessons learnt for ALL.