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Sasol League Gauteng Champions 2017

This blog comes at the backdrop of the SASOL national League playoffs launch yesterday (21 November 2017) held at SAFA House, where provincial champions where finally acknowledge including Mamelodi Sundowns Womens Football Team as Champions of Gauteng.

With the fictitious match fixing/manipulation allegations levelled against the team on their marred last game of the season against Super Falcons, they have been further humiliated by being charged of not having adequate security on the game, REALLY security in a SASOL LEAGUE match, UTTER BULLSHIT!!!! Now those that propelled these allegations of match fixing/manipulation should be hold accountable for bringing the game/league/sponsors to disrepute (Who all know who, read the kickoff article) and a need of an apology to Sundowns, konjwa who assaulted the referee??? As we wait for the sanctions against the player and club…

Class is permanent and that’s what Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies Team and management have shown the past 9 years, being crowned National Champs twice (2013 and 2015), besides Bloemfontein Celtic, MSFC have invested in their women’s football team, so with the impending women’s professional league, Sundowns will be one of the few teams that is ready to harness the professional league concept, so why would a team with so much pedigree on grand stature be alleged and accused of match fixing/manipulation, it’s simple there’s a pendulum power shift in Gauteng year on year and people are envious of others SUCCESSESS and UMONA UFIKILE SHEM and its human nature, kodwa it mustn’t be malicious and damaging to others.

The agenda is to discredit certain teams of their successes and this has become a cancer in women’s football where a certain cabal seems to think they have “ARRIVED” and demand recognition at all cost against the inclusive growth of the league, clubs and players, womens football to use the term loosely it’s been “CAPTURED”, KUDALA SIKU LEGAME SIYANIBONA!!

So in closing Sundowns have been vindicated, can we show them the RESPECT they deserve, as true CHAMPIONS of GAUTENG, which they were robbed off on their last game, where they should have been honoured for their achievements, so let them go and represent GAUTENG WITH PRIDE #KABOYELLOW

The success and failures of women’s football will be solely based on how women’s acknowledge each other of their success instead of PDS. It’s in your hands, lets RECLAIM OUR FOOTBALL.